LightAffaire Photography


We are always looking for interesting/artistic/exceptional people interested in working with us on Test or TfP/TfCD (Time for Print/CD) basis.

The following information is the basis for doing a successfull testshooting:

1. We expect to shoot beauty to topless (stylish) images (this is not open to discussion).

2. Check the quality of our models in our images and only apply if you at least meet or exceed them. Please be really honest with yourself. Our time is limited and we are therefore very selective.

3. A legal contract will be provided stating exactly what model and photographer can do with the images.

4. Make-up Artist (MuA) available on TfP basis (if MuA is interested) or bookable on pay basis at 50% normal cost.

5. Model to pay for their own travel costs.

6. Minimum age todo a testshooting is 18.

7. No boyfriends/husbands (impacts on shooting atmosphere). You can bring a girlfriend if you want to.

8. No playing around with your mobile phone.

9. No pets.

If the above points are ok register your interest here:

If any of the above points are problematic then book us on pay basis and we will shoot exactly the type of images you want.